3 reasons not to keep your pregnancy a secret

Finding out that you’re pregnant may come as a shock, especially when you’re young and feel like the pregnancy might affect your whole life. However, being a young mother doesn’t mean that your life has come to an end – your life might be a little harder but it’s possible to get through with the right support. But finding the right support means having to speak to people about your pregnancy. Here are three reasons why you shouldn’t keep your pregnancy a secret.

You will need support

Pregnancy can be a rollercoaster ride filled with all sorts of emotions, and when you keep it a secret – you won’t get all of the support you need from your loved ones. At the end of the day, pregnancy is not something anyone should go through alone.

If you’re not ready to find support from those around you right now, you can get online support here.

You will need prenatal care

Prenatal care has to do with the regular check-ups that you go to when you’re pregnant – in order to get the advice and medical care you need for you and your child.

All you have to do is go to your nearest clinic and they will attend to your needs, help you undergo the necessary tests and give you medication to ensure that you have a healthy pregnancy.

To prepare yourself mentally

Being a mother might require a lot of strength from you and it won’t always be easy. Hiding your pregnancy might be out of fear or shame, but it will not prepare you for the new journey you’re about to embark on. Being more open about your pregnancy will allow you to seek out helpful information freely, which will help you prepare for the birth of your baby (and help you prepare to be a parent).

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Being a young mom is not ideal and it can be really difficult, so the best thing to do would be to find support from others to help you get through it better. You might also be afraid of gossip and negativity from others but words are not as important as your and your baby’s health. Don’t focus on the negative things that others have to say because you’re stronger than that. No matter what your situation, tell yourself that your future is still bright!

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