5 myths about dry sex

I’m sure you’ve heard about a trend going around called dry sex. If not, it’s when you purposefully dry out your vagina with herbs, household detergents, antiseptics, leaves, and other dangerous substances before sexual intercourse.

Girls and women do this with the ‘hopes’ of providing their male partners with more pleasure during sexual intercourse. This is a really bad practice and I am here to help you debunk the myths about this unhealthy trend. 

Myth 1: Being wet means you’re promiscuous

It’s normal and natural for your vagina to lubricate before and during sex. This is also known as being “wet”. Some guys believe women who get wet sleep around but this is completely false!

Being wet is a normal part of sexual arousal. It’s actually really important that your vagina get’s wet during sex to avoid sex being painful and causing you to bleed due to friction.

Myth 2: Drying your vagina will make it tighter

When you’re aroused, your vaginausually expands and extends in length. In other words, when you’re turned on, the upper part of your vagina extends and pushes your cervix and uterus inside the body more in preparation for sexual intercourse. Your vagina will also become wet – all of this will naturally happen. So nothing that happens during arousal makes your “vagina tighter” because it’s not supposed to be.  

Myth 3: Dry sex is not that bad

Like I mentioned Choma, lubrication helps to reduce the friction between the penis and vagina during sex, which in turn helps to preventsmall cuts in the vagina and on the penis which can lead to the transmission of infections.

But when you practice dry sex, you’re causing yourself pain and increasing your chances of contracting STIs; including HIV. Read 5 ways you can avoid contracting an STI to learn how to avoid STIs.  

Myth 4: Women don’t need to enjoy sex 

Women are meant to enjoy sex just as much as men do. The idea that women don’t have to enjoy sex, is just a way of policing how they should experience their sexuality, which is wrong! But if you practise dry sex, you’re not only promoting this idea, you’re also causing yourself unnecessary pain. A partner who doesn’t want you to enjoy sex is not someone you should want to be with. Sex is not your duty to your partner.

Myth 5: Natural herbs are good for you

The vagina is a self-cleansing organ that doesn’t need you to use herbs or leaves so it can be cleaner and tighter. Your vagina takes care of itself so just save yourself the trouble and leave your vagina alone.

As you can see, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying sex and getting wet. In fact, being wet is the best way for you to enjoy sex. The dry sex trend isn’t a bandwagon you want to hop on because you want to please your partner, because you’re only interrupting your body’s natural way of functioning, and that can be harmful to you.

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