5 Myths about tomboys

A tomboy is a girl who behaves in a way that is more stereotypically boyish or masculine. This can be expressed through her way of dressing, hobbies and interests or any other aspect of her personality. Because tomboys don’t blend into the crowd, there are many false myths about them. Here are 5 myths about tomboys, and what the reality actually is.

Tomboys are gay 

Just because a girl has one or more characteristics of a tomboy doesn’t mean she’s a member of the LGBTQIA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Transsexual, Intersexual and Asexual) community at all.

Remember that an individual’s sexuality is their own choice Choma, and their own personal business unless they feel comfortable sharing it with others.

Tomboys don’t have female friends

It’s wrong to assume that tomboys don’t want to or aren’t able to have female friends. Although some tomboys may choose to have mostly male friends, there are many tomboys who have great friendships with females, even if they may have a different way of expressing themselves. 

Tomboys can’t be attractive to boys

The idea that guys only like feminine girls is false. There are many guys who are attracted to tomboys, and the fear that you’ll be unattractive to guys shouldn’t stop you from being yourself, dressing and acting however feels most comfortable to you.  

Tomboys don’t have a fashion sense

Many tomboys get told that the way they dress is “lazy” because they don’t do the things that are typically feminine. However, tomboy fashion can actually be awesome and in fact, many fashion trends are inspired by tomboy styles.

It’s wrong to be a tomboy 

There’s nothing wrong with dressing differently or having interests different from what people expect of you based on your gender. You have the right to present yourself in any way that feels comfortable, without apologising for it.

If you’re a tomboy or you have a friend who is, it’s important to celebrate the things that make everyone unique. There’s no need to dress or act stereotypically feminine if that’s not something that feels right.

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