5 platforms where the youth can speak out

One of the best ways to raise awareness about important issues is by speaking out. Speaking out ensures that our voices are heard and understood. But we need to talk about these issues in spaces where we know we’ll be noticed. Take a quick look at these 5 platforms that offer youth a space to speak out.


I’ve always been about embracing yourself, respecting others and speaking up about what is right. I also have a campaign called #DoneWithSilence, which encourages people to start a conversation by speaking up about societal issues that bother you and letting everyone know what you are no longer going to be silent about, and to contribute towards making a change in the world that you live in. On Choma, your voice matters.

The #DoneWithSilence campaign was launched on the Choma website. #DoneWithSilence is all about starting conversations and making your voice heard on your social media channel of choice about any change you want to see, from change in your community, change at school or work, to any type of change you’d like to see around the world. This is a platform made for you to make your voice heard on important social issues you are done being silent about.

You can join the #DoneWithSilence campaign by simply creating a social media post with your message and including the hashtag #DoneWithSilence.

Click on this link to create your campaign message and view other users messages about the social issues they no longer want to be silent about.

Add a title to your campaign message, such as “I am against violence”

And then eloboarte in your post campaign message. For Example: “ Violence against women and children is unacceptable. I refuse to be a part of it by keeping quiet.” Add the #DoneWithSilence hashtag and click send.

Your voice counts towards a bigger conversation around violence. By simply taking a stand, you already contribute to the ongoing fight against it. Absolutely no one should be a victim of violence and we should all play our part towards creating a society that is free of violence and abuse.


Harambe TV show

Harambe is a youth talk show that airs every Thursday on SABC1 AT 19:00. The show aims to raise awareness on current issues affecting South Africans. The show hosts a panel, along with an audience of teenagers and young adults. 

They discuss the role young South Africans play in a modern South Africa.  Experts and celebrity guests are invited each week to join the conversation. You can expect to learn about various ways to impact your community as well make lifestyle adjustments to save the earth.

Social media

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Instagram, can be very powerful platforms to use to speak out on important issues. You can involve your friends and family by creating a dialogue that will lead to solving some of these issues. This way you become an online social activist that inspires your peers. You can also use the #DoneWithSilence hashtag on all these platforms to say what you’re done being silent about.

Lead SA

Lead SA  tells stories of people who are making the country a better place. This online campaign encourages everyone (old and young) to make a difference in different ways. There are no limits to how you can contribute to making the world better, just as long as you do something good!

Children’s Radio Foundation

With the use of the radio, young people are offered the opportunity to develop skills to create dialogues around important issues such as HIV/AIDS, education and the environment.

Children’s Radio Foundation also connects you to a mentor in your community, this way you can develop good leadership skills under the guidance of an experienced professional. 

These platforms are created for the youth to speak out and share their views and opinions about the issues that affect them on a daily basis. So if you have something important to share, use one these platforms, add your voice because it matters too. Don’t be afraid to stand for what you believe in. Be #DoneWithSilence!

Remember, if you or a friend need advice or help, you can contact me here on Ask Choma, send me a Facebook Message, a Twitter DM, or a WhatsApp Message (071 172 3657).