5 reasons why young men and women should work together for change

We work better when we work together – regardless of our backgrounds, sex or culture. When it comes to the fight for gender equality, men and women need to work together to achieve a society where we have equal opportunities and an end to women abuse. Here are my reasons why young men and women should work together for change.

Higher chance of tackling gender inequality

Even though women are mostly at the forefront of gender equality activism, it’s important for men to join in as well, and become advocates for gender equality. 

Remember, gender inequality affects men and women and if we work together, there’s a higher chance of tackling the little and bigger issues. 

Challenging gender stereotypes

Many of us are exposed to gender stereotypes from a very young age like “boys don’t cry” or “girls shouldn’t be too loud”, for example. 

Gender stereotypes seem insignificant but they often lead to discrimination and make it hard for men and women to have healthy relationships or equal opportunity – which is why it’s important to come together and challenge them together. Read this article for more on how you can do that. 

We can be heard 

When we work together and use the same voice to seek change, we’re most likely to be heard -because two voices are louder than one. Instead of focusing on our differences as men and women, we should celebrate them but still stick together and work together for change. 

We can create more awareness

As the youth, we are faced with a lot of challenges like gender-based violence, HIV stigma or gender discrimination. By working together and creating conversations around these issues, we creating awareness and saying we are #DoneWithSilence. 

We can achieve more 

There are some issues that only women experience – that men are unaware of, and vice versa. Working together means we get to have more empathy towards each other. Also, we get the opportunity to help each other find solutions so we can all achieve more.

Gender inequality is a problem that affects us all at the end of the day. We need to find common ground and work together so we can change the world we live in. 

I am #DoneWithSilence when it comes to gender discrimination and gender inequality. What about you Choma? Click here. 

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