5 ways to help yourself when youre going through a hard time

Choma, life isn’t only filled with the good times, we all go through hard times too. It’s those hard times where we need a little more direction and support, and here’s how to make it happen in your life.

Let it go

If something isn’t working for you, let it go choma. Whether it’s a relationship, a friendship or a ponytail, learn to let go of things you don’t need in your life. When it comes to past hurts, what you plan to do with your hurt may sometimes be more important than the hurt itself. Learn to not stay in the hurt choma, it may stop you from growing and you may miss out on great opportunities to be a better you. One way to let it go is to accept that it’s happened, no matter how difficult it may be. Learn from this past experience and then slowly let it go.

Take responsibility first in order to change a negative situation into a positive one 

By blaming others for what you’re going through, you prevent taking any responsibility. Instead, realise when you are blaming others by being conscious of it, stop immediately and try and understand where the blaming of others is coming from, get to the root of the blaming, so you learn to blame others less until you can eventually start taking full responsibility of your actions choma. I know that it’s not always that simple, but after some time, you will benefit immensely. Once you can control your reactions, you gain a sense of freedom because you realise that no one has control over you but you!

Learn to live in the moment

By learning to live in the moment, you become more present and slowly learn to enjoy where you are at that moment – wherever it is. By focusing on the ‘now’, you create memories that will make you feel happier tomorrow choma. What’s happened, has happened and feeling guilty about a situation is natural, but won’t change it. If you live with negative emotions for most of your day, there’s little focus for anything positive. Understand that it’s your choice to continue to live in the negative emotions. So learn to re-focus your energy on making yourself happy.

Be thankful

No matter how little you have choma, try and learn to be thankful for what you currently have; whether it be the people, little things or opportunities you have in your life. When you do get more, because you will choma, you will learn to be more thankful of other things that will come to you. This requires you to work on it. Put at least some time every day, for five minutes, and write a list of what you did or learnt that day that you are thankful for. Show those closest to you, in your own way, how thankful you are that they are a part of your life. You could make them a cup of tea, write them a letter or do house chores to show your gratitude. However you choose to do it is up to you. By thanking them, you in turn shift your focus on more positive things, making you feel happier.

Realise that you are never alone

Don’t bottle up your emotions or thoughts, choma. Learn to express your emotions and thoughts by talking to a trusted friend, school counsellor or with me, through share your story. You owe it to yourself to share your experience with someone you trust; you are never alone choma. 

Life is filled with many ups and downs. The trick is to try and become more positive. Think more positively and more positive things will start happening to you, or you’ll start paying less attention to the negative things in your life. Eventually, when you do go through the downs, because you can’t always escape them choma, you’ll have more courage to face the difficult times. When you learn to live through your hard times, you not only live a fuller life but you also grow stronger as a person. Are there other tricks you’ve learned to adopt in order to get through hard times, choma? Leave a comment below.