Are you empowered in your relationship?

To feel empowered in a relationship means that you get to share equal power with your partner. It offers the freedom to live independently from your partner and not be controlled. If your partner loves you, they’ll let you have your own identity. Here’s how you can tell if you’re empowered in your relationship.

You feel whole on your own

Even though you’re in a relationship, you still need to be your own person and not place your happiness or your worth in your partner’s hands. You need to feel complete by yourself and able to make yourself happy. Depending on someone to complete you means that you’re not empowered in that relationship, but if you feel like you’re enough on your own and your partner and relationship just add to that, then you’re empowered.

You want to improve yourself

If you’re in a relationship and the only thing that you’re focused on is the relationship or your partner, then you’re most likely not empowered. You need to focus on yourself even if you’re in a relationship, and one of the ways you can tell that you’re focusing on yourself is if you want to improve yourself outside of the relationship. It’s important to have hobbies, goals, and things that you want to achieve on your own in order to be empowered.

You are free to speak your mind

Being comfortable enough to have your say in a relationship is important because you’ll be able to let your partner know what boundaries not to cross. And you’ll be free to say no if there’s something you’re not comfortable with. You’re empowered in your relationship if you are heard and if your partner values what you have to say.

Your partner knows and respects your boundaries

Having clear boundaries that your partner knows and respects is a sign that you’re empowered in your relationship. This doesn’t mean that it’s okay for your partner to coerce you and try to cross boundaries. You’re empowered if you’re able to make your partner understand that coercion is not consent.

To be empowered in your relationship you need to be able to be your own person and not let your life revolve around the relationship. A healthy relationship encourages both partners to be the best versions of themselves individually and that one partner shouldn’t have control over the other. Remember to communicate this with your partner, so that you can both be empowered in your relationship.

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