Benefits of youth empowerment

Youth empowerment is the process of encouraging young people and giving them the information, guidance or resources they need in order to take charge of their lives and make healthier decisions.  When the youth are empowered, they are able to fulfil their dreams because they have access to the opportunities, skills, and resources they need to reach their full potential. Here are the benefits of your empowerment. 

Financial freedom

Youth empowerment can contribute to creating employment for the youth so they can be able to be independent and take care of themselves. Not only does it allow the youth to have financial freedom, it also allows them to contribute towards the country’s economy. 

Good education standards 

Education is important, and it’s a human right. Empowering the youth will help them understand and value the importance of education and give them the opportunity to make better decisions for the future while giving them more options for their careers. 

Eradicate poverty

Even though poverty is a global challenge that affects all of us, it’s important for youth empowerment to be prioritised in order to avoid poverty. This means that there needs to be more importance placed, not only on school education, but also on career development, skills training and employment for young people.  When people are employed, they are less financially vulnerable and this can help decrease poverty amongst the youth (and in general).

Reduce the crime rate

The state of poverty in South Africa is a contributing factor to the high crime rate. When the youth is unemployed and have no means to make money, they tend to resort to crime which is not a good thing. When the youth is empowered and can make ends meet, they won’t see the need to turn to crime so they can survive because they’ll have a purpose and inspiration to lead good lives.

Youth empowerment is about giving young people equal opportunities and the courage to follow their passions. Not only do the youth get the chance to pursue their dreams, but they also get to boost their sense of self – because when you are able to make your life easier and more fulfilling, you become happier and more confident. 

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