Choma Loves: 4 inspiring youth activists

As we commemorate Youth Month, it’s important to remember the sacrifices and bravery of the youth of 1976, while also celebrating the efforts of the young people who are making a difference today. Here are 4 young people who inspire all of us.

Nosipho Bele

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Nosipho is a social activist through her foundation ‘Mentor Me to Success’. Her foundation pairs up school going children with university students who can help them with their studies. She is also the first South African to receive the Queen’s Young Leader Award for her contribution to society.

Koketso Moeti

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Koketso is a social justice activist who founded the online activism platform, The platform has been created to encourage everyone to take part in bringing change to society by creating and taking part in campaigns that force those in power to make decisions that positively impact our communities.

Kanchana Moodliar

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Kanchana is social activist who empowers women. She started Saris for Good Karma, an organisation that assists women by offering them small business training, and helps them find jobs. Kanchana gives women hope and shows them that they can overcome their obstacles by taking control of their own lives.

Sanele Junior Xaba

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Sanele is South Africa’s first international male model living with albinism. Sanele believes in the inclusion of albino people in the modelling industry worldwide. He inspires us by being himself and using his voice to inspire change.

Activism is about taking a stand on societal issue that need to change. There are different ways that we can all become activists and inspire change in our own way. If you would like to also use your platform and resources to make a difference, read my article on ‘how to become a #DoneWithSilence activist’.

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