Choma Loves 5 Childrens Rights Activists

Children are not always aware of their rights and they don’t always have the power to stand up for themselves – which is why it’s important to have adults who advocate for their rights. That way, they can always be safe and protected. Read here to know more about these 5 amazing Children’s Rights activists.

Zuriel Oduwole 

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“I am not always happy seeing children out of school; it is a signpost to poverty and bleak future. Everyone must get involved to ensure that the girl-child is allowed to have quality education and acquire skills that would make her a wholesome person to herself and the nation at large.” – Zuriel Oduwole

Zuriel Oduwole is a 17-years-old film-maker who is passionate about advocating for girls’ education all over Africa. Having been profiled by Forbes Magazine as the most influential woman, she uses her influence to call on the world’s change-makers to help her prioritise the education of a girl child. 

Esther Ijewere-Kalejaiye  

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“I am not scared of lifting other women up; I am not afraid to help other women and see them succeed. My thing is: ‘As long as I wear the crown, no one can take my throne.” – Esther Ijewere-Kalejaiye

Esther is a Nigerian author and advocate for Youth Rights, especially young girls. She is the founder of Rubies Ink Initiative which prides itself with the WAR (Walk Against Rape) campaign which aims to be the voice for the victims of rape and demand justice for the perpetrators.

Craig Kielburger  

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“I won’t give up until the exploitation of all children has ended and all children have their rights.” – Craig Kielburger

Craig started his advocacy for children’s rights at the young age of 12, as a co-founder of an organisation called Free The Children. The aim of the organisation was to fight against child labour in countries like Kenya.

He recently launched Me to We which continues to fight against child labour and now it also helps with providing an education for children who are disadvantaged, as well as bringing about social change. 

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore 

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“We refuse to live in a world where the technology exists to help kids but simply isn’t being used. We build powerful products, lead new programs, maintain essential resources, and develop awareness campaigns to attack the issue from all sides. Technology must be part of the solution.” – Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore

Ashton and Demi are the founders of Thorn: Digital Defenders of Children which is dedicated to ending sex trafficking and exploitation of children. They use technology to identify child sex trafficking victims who were sold online and help authorities rescue them.

As you can see Choma, there are many people who do inspiring work by using their voices and influence to be #DoneWithSilence. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you can change the world you live in – because change begins with me and you. I support #ChildProtectionWeek, what about you? 

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