Choma Loves: Affordable VDay Ideas

Today is Valentines Day – and if you’re someone who celebrates it, you’ve either already got something special planned or you’re still trying to figure out what you’re going to do. For those who don’t have anything planned (or those who do but want to try something more affordable) then this article is especially for you. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be expensive for it to be romantic – it just has to come from the heart. So here are a few ideas for Valentine’s Day that I’m loving right now.

Secret Message Balloons

Image via wecreatehoopla

All you need for this are balloons, a pen, paper and a pair of scissors. Surprise your partner with romantic messages hidden inside the balloon. Simply write a message on a piece of paper, maybe telling your partner what you love about them, put it inside the balloon then blow the balloon up and tie it. Your partner will have to pop the balloon to see the message inside. Why not make a few of them to make the messages and the balloon-popping a bit more fun?

Picnic at a botanical garden

Most cities have a botanical garden and many of them are free. They’re usually very well-kept and make a very nice place for a couple to have a quiet date. Take your partner on a picnic to one of the botanical gardens near you. I know that Valentine’s Day is on a weekday this year, but maybe you could go during lunch (if you work or are at university)  or go after school if you’re in high school (invite other couples along to make the date safer). Only do this one if you’re able to Choma. A good idea would be to make a cute card for your partner inviting them for a date with you on Saturday (making it an extended Valentine’s Celebration).

“Open when…” cards

These are really nice because your partner can read these cards long after Valentine’s Day and get all those warm and fuzzy feelings all over again. “Open when…” cards are DIY cards you can make for your partner to open at different times. So you could make a card that says “Open when you’re sad” and in it write a message of encouragement, reminding them of a time that makes them smile. You could make an “Open when you need a laugh” card and in it share an inside joke you guys share or remind them of a time when one of you did something embarrassing that you laughed about after. Make as many as you can then tie them in a bow for your partner for Valentine’s Day. This is a gift they could enjoy all year long.

Watch this Youtube tutorial for more instructions on how to make these cards.

A lesson with love


Teaching your partner something that they’ve always wanted to know can be fun, intimate and romantic. There’s probably something that you do that makes your partner go “wow, I wish I could do that!” so why not give them a lesson on Valentine’s Day? It will surely make their day because you’re essentially giving them a gift they actually want! You can give it a special Valentine’s Day touch by making them a little card that says something like “This Valentine’s Day Voucher entitles you to 5 lessons on (insert whatever you’re going to teach them).” Lesson number one can start on Valentine’s Day. You’d be surprised how much your partner might appreciate the gesture.

These are just a few affordable Valentine’s Day ideas that I’m loving right now Choma but you could find many others by doing a quick search online or just coming up with your own. Valentine’s Day is meant to be fun and personal, not expensive – so don’t put pressure on yourself if you can’t afford to do certain things. Making up your own gifts for your partner makes it a lot more special anyway!

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