Choma Loves: Body Positive movements to follow

It’s easy to be brought down by social media’s idea of what beauty is, especially when you don’t feel like you match it. But the important thing to know is that those standards aren’t real and they don’t represent everyone. So if you’re looking to clean up your timeline and follow some really inspiring, body-positive people, here are a few to start with.

The Plus Culture

Image: Instagram

The Plus Culture is a blog that was started by Whitney Greyton from Namibia as a way to celebrate all things plus-sized, from beauty and trends to fashion and style. The blog is also home to the Fatty Boom Boom podcast, where Whitney talks to friends and other guests about everything relevant to plus sized women and men in Africa.


Image: Instagram

#EffYourBeautyStandards was started byTess Hollidayas a protest to the beauty standards that are often hyped up on social media and society in general. The movement is not only about celebrating plus sized women, but also men, the LGBTQIA+ community and differently abled people.


Image: Instagram

One of my favourite trends that comes back every year is definitely #ThighsForJeaux. The movement all began on Twitter when Mixo Mathebula started posting thigh-selfies and encouraging everyone else to do the same as a way to express self-acceptance and body-positivity! 


Image: Instagram 

This instagram page was a light during a dark time for Runa, who used to feel ashamed by her body, but now she uses her love for fashion and make up to flaunt her self-love and her beauty. She is some true inspiration for anyone who feels like they need to hide themselves, and she uses this page to empower others to believe in their own beauty- no matter how it looks.

Sdudla Chronicles

Image: Instagram

The Sdudla Chronicles is a plus size brand created as a platform to encourage the idea that plus size bodies are normal in society. The blog is a safe space thatinfluences and supports women to become comfortable in their own skin. The team promotes self-love, body confidence and they offer health, beauty and fashion tips!

Body-positivity is about celebrating every kind of body- no matter what it might look like, and no matter what society says is beautiful. It’s time we get rid of unfair standards and learn to love ourselves and our bodies, just the way they are!

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