Choma Queens: #DoneWithSilence

#DoneWithSilence is a new campaign that I launched on Youth Day. It is about using your voice on social media to start conversations that will contribute towards the change that you want to see in your community, and the world. 

Through the campaign so far, I’ve had the opportunity to work with great inspirational women who were brave enough to speak out and had a few societal issues that they were not going to be silent about. Meet my #DoneWithSilence Queens. 

Kim Jayde Robinson 

Image via Instagram 

Kim is an award-winning MTV Africa TV host as well as a Fashion and Travel Vlogger. She’s always been passionate about social issues and women empowerment. In June, she lent her voice to the #DoneWithSilence Campaign. 

She spoke openly about the pressure women (and men) in the entertainment industry face, the unrealistic beauty standards set by the media and society, as well as the unfair stereotypes women face based on what they look like.

Fun Fact: Kim has a degree in Social Work – which makes sense because she is passionate about empowering the youth and women around her. 

Dr. Sindi van Zyl 

Image via Instagram 

Dr. Sindi is a medical doctor, Kaya FM radio host, and a social media saviour. She uses her expertise to offer free and helpful advice to anyone who has a burning health question on social media.

Dr. Sindi has always been a Choma contributor and recently came on board for the Choma #DoneWithSilence Campaign to talk about HIV stigma and treatment. She’s passionate about HIV education and has helped many people deal with stigma and fear of the virus. 

Fun Fact: Dr. Sindi made a TV appearance on a South African Soapie, 7de Laan, in 2019. She played herself and made sure other characters on the show were not spreading HIV myths

Mi’chal Naidoo 

Image by Instagram 

Mi’chal is a blogger, TV personality and digital entrepreneur. She’s well known on social media for being a photogenic trendsetter and also an inspirational role model. 

She joined the Choma #DoneWithSilence campaign recently and used her voice to talk about the fact that she was done with silence when it came to mental health and the fear of speaking up about it. Mi’chal has been honest about her own mental health and struggles with body image. She wants to be seen as a role model and is all for women empowerment.

Other Campaigns she’s part of: Ponds #MyTypeOfFlawless, a campaign about celebrating your flawlessness by embracing what you once considered flaws. 

Tivania Moodley 

Image via Facebook 

Tivania Moodley is an author and motivational speaker. She has a powerful story which she tells openly and courageously. She has been done with silence for a long time and uses her story of substance abuse, sexual abuse and depression to inspire others to get help and find healing. 

Tivania joined the #DoneWithSilence campaign to spread her message even further and to help others open up about their own experience. 

Fun Fact: Tivania has a book out called “Girl on Fire” which has received a lot of positive reviews and continues to inspire all those who read it.  

Angela Motsusi 

Image via Facebook 

Angela Motsusi is a well-known nurse who uses her social media platforms to talk about HIV Stigma and HIV treatment, as well as her own journey living with HIV. Her aim is to create honest conversations about HIV that educates people on what it means to live with HIV.

She joined the #DoneWithSilence campaign to talk about HIV Stigma and Sexual Reproductive Health.

Other campaigns she’s part of: Angela is one of the founders of a Facebook group called The Dynamic Trio. The Facebook group provides supports and advice around HIV, domestic violence, and sexual abuse. 

These are my 5 Queens who have spoken up about issues they’re #DoneWithSilence about. Have you made your #DoneWithSilence post yet? If you haven’t then you can use your voice here. 

Remember, if you or a friend need advice or help, don’t hesitate to contact me here on Ask Choma, send me a Facebook Message, a Twitter DM, or a WhatsApp Message (071 172 3657).