Dangers of using Morning After pills long term.

The Morning After Pill, otherwise known as an Emergency Contraception, is often used to prevent unwanted pregnancy from occurring. They are best taken within 24 hours to 72 hours after unprotected sex. Sometimes accidents happen such as a condom breaking. In other unfortunate situations, forced unprotected sex occurs, such as rape.

These situations are considered emergency situations and you can go to your nearest pharmacy and buy the morning after pill. Remember that in the case that you are raped, you should go immediately to the clinic and report the incident. The medical practitioners will attend to you. Using the morning after pill is necessary in an emergency. However, it can be a health risk if you’re using it constantly. In this article, I’m discussing the dangers of using the morning after pill as your main method of contraception.

Morning after Pills

They either come as a single pill or two pills in a pack. You can buy it without using your ID or a prescription from your healthcare practitioner. The morning after pill contains progesterone, the hormone that increases when you’re about to go on your period. Unlike the birth control pill, the morning after pill cannot prevent future pregnancies from happening. This means that after you take the morning after pill, you should not have unprotected sex and will need to use another method of contraception during sex, such as a condom. 

Although you can use the morning after pill again and again, they are usually recommended to be used in emergency situations only, like the ones I’ve described above. The danger is when you rely on the morning after pill as your main contraception method. Unlike condoms, the morning after pill will not prevent you from contracting HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). 

The repeated use of morning after pills can disturb your period cycle, causing irregular and unpredictable periods, making it harder for you to track your period. This increases the chance of an unwanted pregnancy. When the morning after pill is taken after the egg has been fertilised (meaning you’ve already fallen pregnant), there is an increased chance that the egg may not able to implant because of the effects that the hormones in the morning after pill have on the uterus wall. This can lead to an Ectopic pregnancy, which is when the fertilised egg grows in your fallopian tubes. This can be life threatening for you and the growing foetus. 

Finding a contraception method that works for you can be tricky. Speak to your healthcare practitioner about it. The internet will give you general medical advice and sometimes it might not be accurate, so it’s better to consult your nearest healthcare practitioner and they will be able to help you choose a contraception method that works for you. 

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