Dealing with Valentine’s Day pressure

Although Valentine’s Day brings love, romance and enjoyment, for some it can be a stress-filled day. Here’s how to deal with Valentine’s Day pressure.

Remind yourself that it’s not about one day

Many of us may feel pressure to deliver on Valentine’s Day by getting bae the ideal flowers or gifts, or coming up with brilliant romantic gestures. The pressure some of us feel to make the day perfect can make it less enjoyable. How you treat each other on the other 364 days of the year is much more important than stressing yourself over one day, Choma.

Less is more

It’s not compulsory to make grand gestures to express love. A long walk, a home-cooked meal or watching a movie can be great too. It’s the thought that counts, so do things that you both enjoy.

Avoid comparisons

Understand that people show their love in different ways. Before you conclude that your friend has the better partner, try to focus on your relationship. Focus on what you’re doing with your partner, not what someone else receives.

Be kind to yourself

If you’re single, don’t feel the pressure to find a date for Valentine’s Day. Use this day to enjoy your own company. Give yourself a treat by making or ordering a special meal, watch your favourite movie/series, relax in a warm bath- do whatever makes you feel good.

If you’re in a relationship, rather than engaging in self-torture by comparing yourself to couples you see around you and on social media. Be thankful for the time spent with your bae. Even if you don’t participate in the romantic activities of Valentine’s Day, you can still celebrate the day without the added pressure that it brings.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Chomas!

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