Does female privilege exist

We have all heard or spoken about something called male privilege – which is simply a special advantage that’s given to men. However, a lot of men have argued that female privilege also exists, but does it really? In my opinion, no it doesn’t but there are reasons why people think it does. Here’s more:

What do people think female privilege is?

A lot of times, people mistake a few kind gestures like your partner opening the door for you, for example, as a female privilege – when in fact, it’s a societal norm that has been instilled in men to believe that it’s their responsibility to do that. Here are a few more examples: 

Getting free meals or drinks

When a woman goes out by herself, chances of her getting offered a drink or her meal paid for are high – even when she didn’t ask. This doesn’t make it a privilege if she would’ve paid for her meal anyway. If you think about it, in some cases, women are often given free things by people (mainly men) who expect her to give him something in return. So is it really a privilege? 

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They don’t have to be breadwinners 

Many people believe that women have it easy because they’re not pressured into being breadwinners (taking care of their families), but that is not true because a lot of households are actually headed by women, and they take care of their families without the help of men.

They only need to be beautiful to get jobs 

Have you ever heard of someone being accused of getting ahead in their career because of their looks? The sad truth is, a lot of women experience that, and their capabilities are always doubted because of their looks. Unlike the olden days, women – just like men- are prioritising their careers and that doesn’t mean they are excelling in their jobs simply because they’re beautiful. 

Women get more opportunities than men 

A lot of people believe that women get more opportunities compared to men, but that’s not the case. Recent statistics show that female unemployment has increased over the years – even though overall unemployment has decreased. Also, when women are afforded those opportunities, they don’t get paid as much as their male colleagues which just increases gender inequality. 

Women are allowed to be emotional

Men are taught to suppress their feelings and emotions, and when they express those emotions – they’re teased about it and regarded as weak. They’re normally teased by their peers who also believe that men are supposed to be strong. Men not being able to express their feelings freely doesn’t make it a privilege for women because women are also shamed and perceived as weak or emotional when they show their emotions. 

Even though gender inequality affects men and women we can’t say that female privilege does exist because a lot of things that people think are a privilege for women are actually the consequences of men having more opportunities to financial freedom than women, and women are always at a disadvantage because they have to work twice as hard to get recognised. 

Do you think female privilege exists Choma? Share your thoughts with me in the comments section. 

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