Hi Choma,
I am a 30-year old female in a long-term relationship (7 years now). I have been on contraceptives for about 6 years straight now (alternating between depo-provera and nur-isterate). I have since gained close to 20 kgs in the last 6 years and my blood pressure is always high, I took BP meds for a few months about 2 years ago. I am considering changing contraceptives; I’d like something that doesn’t contribute to my weight gain, high blood pressure, and doesn’t cause mood swings (I’m struggling with these 3 things). I have also not been getting my period for about 2/3 years now and I’d like to get back to getting my period. I am not keen on oral contraceptives, hormonal IUD, and implant. I’d like to try the Patch, but from my research it works best if one is 90kg or less and I currently weigh 105kg.
1. Is it bad that I’ve been on contraceptives for so long?
2. Do I qualify for a Patch and what are its advantages and disadvantages?
3. Is there any other method that would be best suitable for me?