Wow chomas, what a year it’s been! 2015 has been a year of learning new things, exploring just about everything and, best of all, getting to know you chomas.

It’s been great reading all your positive messages – like hearing how some of you have been positively influenced by Choma, getting positive suggestions from some of you or simply saying hi.

For those of you who have had a tough time this year, I hope that talking about it with me has helped you get through it.

We’ve talked about quite a lot of different things this year from loving yourself to protecting yourself and we’ve tackled really difficult topics like sexually transmitted illnesses (STIs), rape and abuse. Although these are hard to talk about, it’s been great to see how interested you all are in learning more. I think you guys gave some really great advice and feedback on these topics.

What I hope you guys have learned this year, is that you are capable of creating change. Chomas you are smart, strong and powerful. The more you learn (about yourself, others and the world) the more you are able to protect yourself and respect others – because knowledge is a very powerful weapon against things like oppression, inequality and abuse. So know that YOU are in control of you. Know that you have rights. Know that your voice is valid and you deserve to be heard. Know that there are those around you who can help you through difficult times and know that your Choma is here for you.

Thank you chomas for being a very important part of my 2015! I look forward to an even better 2016 with all of you.

I hope you all have a great holiday break. Remember: Be safe. Don’t do anything that you’re not comfortable with, that will hurt you or that you might regret. Most of all, have fun!