Feature Friday: Mosa Kaiser


Image via Instagram 

Mosa Kaiser is a 28-year-old TV presenter and radio host. She was born and raised in the city of gold, Johannesburg. She completed her Honours degree in Film and TV at Wits University. Not only is she a TV presenter and radio host, but she is also a content producer, voice-over artist, director, and actress. Choma had a chat to Mosa to find out more about her life as an entertainer. 

She discovered her passion from the tender age of 6 when she had the lead role of the kiddies show called Takalani Sesame. She has also been part of TV shows like Kideo, Soul Buddiesand 7 international movies – including award-winning and Oscar nominee film Hotel Rwanda.

She finds it easy to juggle her multiple jobs because she managed to turn her passion into her career, which is in the entertainment industry.

Mosa has experienced a lot of challenges while growing up – especially as a child star, and she doesn’t hesitate to share her journey with young people to motivate and help them make better choices than she did. She is also #DoneWithSilence when it comes to substance abuse among the youth.

When I asked her what advice she’d give to her 13-year-old self, she said: “Just chill. If you knew what you were building back then, you wouldn’t have been too hard on yourself. And again, not everyone will like you so you don’t have to live up to their unrealistic expectations.” 

These are the words she lives by: It’s okay to be confident. Laugh out loud, speak the loudest and don’t be embarrassed by who you are. 

Choma, you can be whatever you want to be. Don’t let people’s fears make you doubt the possibility of achieving your dream. You’re never too young to start working on your dreams and Mosa is the perfect example of that. To keep up with her life, follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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