Health issues you shouldnt be ashamed of

Growing up and experiencing changes to your body is a normal thing chomas, we all go through it. The problem comes in when these changes are not explained to us or when we don’t talk openly with our friends about it. When you don’t understand what you’re going through or if you’ve heard negative things about what you’re experiencing, you might think that the changes you go through are not normal. But they are the parts of life called ‘Puberty’ and ‘Becoming a healthy adult’.


Periods seem to get a bad rap for some reason, it’s seen as an awkward topic that both boys and girls may try not to talk about. However, they are a part of every girl’s life. There is absolutely nothing shameful about it. Not every girl may get theirs in the same way or around the same time, which might make some girls feel ‘weird’ when they are the only ones in their circle of friends to get it. But don’t worry, everyone else will soon catch up, and maybe even be coming to you for advice.

Both girls and boys go through changes in their bodies that prepare them to be healthy adults who are also able to make children if they choose to do so one day. Your body is doing what it’s supposed to do.


Acne is also a normal ‘issue’ that almost every teen faces. It’s a part of puberty that we are affected by because of our hormones changing. I know that most of us (both teens and adults) tend to feel a bit self-conscious when we have pimples on our faces. But they eventually go away with time and are a normal way of life. Why be embarrassed about something that practically everyone goes through?

There are ways to control acne and to take care of your skin, but I’m just saying that we shouldn’t feel embarrassed about getting them.

Body Hair

During puberty, your body will change choma, and one of these changes will be growing more hair in places you may feel shy or embarrassed about. This is also a normal part of growing up that everyone has to go through. And with body hair also comes body odor. All of a sudden you smell differently when you sweat now to when you were a child. This is also normal. All you need to do is wash regularly, wear deodorant or antiperspirant and wear more cotton clothing (because it might make you perspire less).

You’re not forced to shave, but if it makes you feel more comfortable to do so then you can do that to control body hair in unwanted areas.

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are also something that most people struggle with and is especially hard to be accepted as normal when we don’t see any models with stretch marks. What we do see a lot of is adverts promoting products that are said to remove stretch marks. Many people are embarrassed about their stretch marks. But stretch marks are also a normal part of puberty. Skin is elastic, so when you grow it stretches. Both boys and girls can get stretch marks, but they are more common in girls and women. You don’t have to feel self-conscious about it because it could happen to anyone. If you have skin, you could get stretch marks.

These body changes and many others are a healthy part of growing up that we all have to go through. Speak up about your concerns so that you can learn more about what is ‘normal’ and what is not. Chances are, whatever you are going through that makes you feel self-conscious or embarrassed is exactly what many others have gone through. There are various ways of dealing with these changes to help you feel less anxious, so speak to someone (preferably an adult) who will understand exactly what you’re going through and give you advice. Also remember that you can always Ask Choma!