Heres why smoking isnt cool

A lot of people start smoking cigarettes as a way of dealing with stress and the pressures of daily life. While I understand that life can be demanding, it’s important to find healthier ways to cope with stress. Here’s why smoking isn’t a healthy way of dealing with issues.

It affects your overall health

Smoking makes you more vulnerable to getting certain diseases and smokers have a harder time recovering from illness in general. It also makes existing conditions (like asthma) worse and more difficult to manage.

You put those around you at risk

We all know that smokers are more likely to get lung cancer, but did you know that smoking around other people affects their health, too? Second-hand smoke can affect people around you (especially children) since they breathe in the smoke you exhale.

It stains your teeth

Over time, smoking can stain your teeth and give them a yellowish appearance, especially if you start smoking in your teens. It can also affect your breath and gums after a while.

It’s addictive

A lot of people don’t think smoking’s an addiction and they often think that they can quit whenever they decide to. However, the truth is smoking’s highly addictive and it can take months (even years) to quit. It’s also important to note that most people start with smoking before experimenting with more serious drugs with long-term effects (not cool at all).

Smokings an unhealthy habit that helps you avoid stress rather than to actually deal with it. It also has lasting negative effects on your health and the health of those around you, which isn’t cool, Choma. If you or someone you know is struggling to quit this habit, then you can contact SANCA or visit your nearest pharmacy for tools that can help you.

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