Here’s why we need to embrace skin tone diversity

Here’s why we need to embrace skin tone diversity

Women are expected to conform to beauty standards that are often unrealistic and unnatural. Some beauty standards are based on skin complexion and tone, with lighter skin tones being preferred over darker tones. This has affected how people with darker skin tones see themselves and how they’re treated by society at large. This shouldn’t be the case, Choma, everyone is different and there’s beauty in our unique traits. Here’s why we need to actively embrace skin tone diversity.

Promoting self-acceptance

There are a lot of historical factors that have led to lighter skin being deemed as more valuable and beautiful. While these beliefs have been around since colonialism, they are not true and it’s time for us to move beyond them. Every skin tone is valuable and attractive and deserves the same care. When we are able to accept external things, like the colour of our skin, we’ll be able to accept the deeper things – like our weaknesses and flaws. Everyone deserves to have a healthy image of themselves.

Challenging societal beauty norms

Once we accept that beauty is found in all skin shades, we’ll be able to challenge unfair beauty standards that can lead to a lot of harmful and unhealthy practices. Practices like skin bleaching, which can be harmful to your skin over time, shouldn’t be done because of outward pressure to look a certain way.

Here’s how you can embrace your skin tone:

Know that there’s nothing wrong with you – whether you’ve got lighter or darker skin, it’s all naturally part of who you are and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it.

Don’t compare yourself to anyone – while it’s okay to admire someone’s beauty, it’s not healthy to compare yourself to someone else. You are a unique individual and there’s a reason why there’s nobody else like you – embrace and celebrate that.

Take care of your skin – self-care promotes a healthy self-image. When you look after your skin, nourish it and show it love, you’re more likely to be happier with it in the long run. If you’ve been feeling insecure about your skin tone, then having a self-care routine dedicated to it, will help you understand and love it better.

The truth is, there are a lot of damaging beliefs that have been a part of our world for way too long. It’s good to see that we’re finally challenging them and choosing to see the beauty in everyone. Loving your skin and its colour is something that may not come naturally to some because of these beliefs, which is why I encourage you to share articles like these with them so that we can all finally get to a place where we love and accept ourselves, unconditionally.

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