Here’s why women should support each other

Women have been forming supportive sisterhoods since the beginning of time and when we stand together, we can achieve some outstanding things. Unfortunately, there are a lot of beliefs and stereotypes about women and sometimes we may find ourselves behaving in ways that reinforce (strengthen or support) these stereotypes. Here’s why it’s important for us to check ourselves and make sure we support other women.

We have similar battles

While there are a lot of things that make us different, there are also a lot of things we have in common. For example, women face the same workplace discrimination, gender stereotypes and safety concerns as other women. We all deserve a world that’s safe and accommodating enough for us to live in. So, why not show each other support?

It’s good for our self-esteem

When we stand together, we can bring the best out of each other. There’s a lot of self-doubt and shame that we have learned over the years – especially when it comes to our bodies and appearance. However, building a supportive network of women, can help us overcome these insecurities and become more confident and aware of our self-worth.

We can build lasting connections

When you support another woman (even if it’s on social media), you start to build positive bonds. This can help you form lasting professional and personal relationships with people who are like-minded. Building connections and forming relationships means that we can start organisations and conversations around topics that empower other women. We can absolutely do more together!

There’s more to gain

By supporting other women, you lose nothing, but gain so much. You will have someone who can support you when you are going through hardships and celebrate your milestones with you. You will also feel a sense of pride in yourself because of the support you give other women, knowing that your presence adds value to someone’s life. This doesn’t mean you have to be friends with everyone, but being kind, supportive and treating other women the way you want to be treated can go a long way.

Building a community of supportive women starts with each of us choosing to be kinder and more supportive to the women we interact with. Now, more than ever, we need to cultivate lasting connections with each other and be done with old stereotypes that don’t serve us anymore.

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