Heres why you should always put your happiness first

Putting your happiness first is a really important part of taking care of your mental and physical health. Here are more reasons why you should prioritise your own happiness.

You teach people how to treat you

When you take care of yourself and your happiness, you show people how you would like them to treat you. The way we treat ourselves sets the tone for how we want others to treat us, which is why it’s really important to show yourself love and respect.

No one can make you as happy as you can make yourself

No one knows you like you do. So, start investing in yourself by prioritising your happiness. When you are constantly looking outside for happiness, you are likely to be disappointed. Instead of looking elsewhere for happiness, find ways to make yourself happy. This can be as simple as finding a hobby you really enjoy, prioritising a healthy diet and speaking to friends and family members who care about you.

You know your boundaries

Often, when we constantly put other people’s needs ahead of our own, we tend to find it difficult to express our boundaries or communicate when they have been crossed. If you find yourself always feeling like you give a lot of yourself in relationships but don’t get anything in return, then it’s a sign that you need to start putting your happiness first.

It’s good for your self-esteem

Consciously choosing to make yourself happy shows that you are content and do not need validation from other people. This shows that you think highly of yourself and know that you deserve to be happy and loved.

You build better relationships with people

Getting into romantic relationships or friendships can be more rewarding if you put your happiness first. You will know exactly what you want and you will communicate it clearly. If you are in a relationship, taking care of your own happiness relieves your partner of the pressure to have to predict and fulfill every need that you have. Instead, you will be more in touch with yourself and do all of this for yourself.

It’s good for your mental health

Putting your happiness first is also good for your mental health. Being aware of what is not good for you and making the decision to make yourself happy can positively affect your mental health. If something doesn’t feel right then you will know that it’s not for you and avoid compromising your beliefs and happiness to please other people.

When you are considerate of yourself and your feelings, you can take better care of yourself and begin to truly love yourself and others. It’s not being selfish or unkind, in fact, it makes you better able to show your loved ones that you care, without feeling taken advantage of or resentful. Remember that if you don’t make yourself happy, no one else will. Be kind to yourself, always.

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