How to feel less lonely

Everyone has lonely moments. At times you might feel left out, alone with your troubles, or like you don’t belong. Feeling lonely can be a painful experience and from time to time you can get through it on your own with little support but other times it’s just too hard. Here are a few things you can do to feel less lonely.

Be kind to yourself.

Recognise and treat yourself with kindness. Decide why you feel lonely first. As an example, “I feel alone because they left me out.” After that, tell yourself it’s ok to feel this way. In that case, it makes sense.

Next, make an effort to be a little kind to yourself. Remember that loneliness is a common feeling for everyone. Although it can hurt, that’s just human. And feelings of loneliness will fade. Recognise your humanity and accept what you are feeling.

Make a connection.

Make a connection with someone you’re comfortable with. You can: Create a bond with a person through an activity. Choose a hobby or interest that both of you enjoy. It could be walking, volunteering or listening to music. Sharing hobbies allows you to bond through laughter and time spent together.

Be kind to others.

Show kindness to everyone, especially those you don’t know well. As an example, greet a new student in your class, express appreciation to the taxi driver, or  greet someone at the side of the road. Whatever it is that you choose to do, will make their day and they will feel less lonely as well.

Get out of your comfort zone

Spend time in nature or get involved with a cause that matters to you. This can give you a sense of meaning, help you feel connected, and reduce loneliness.

Remember, loneliness is a common experience that many people face at some point in their lives. You are not alone!

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