How to handle the January Blues

January isn’t the easiest month for many people, and for a lot of reasons too. The December holiday fun is officially over and now your energy might be taking a real dip. Whether you’re feeling financial pressure or you’re anxious about going back to school/work, feeling negative about the beginning of the year can make you lose the hope that you need to make it through. So here are some positive ways to handle the January blues!

Stick to your resolutions

Sometimes the reason you might be feeling blue, especially towards the end of January, is because it seems like all your new year’s resolutions are slipping from your grip. For example, maybe the plans you had to start exercising and eating better aren’t going as well as you thought they would. Setting goals is good, but remember, they need to be realistic. If your goal was to start going to gym, but you know that you might not be able to afford it, try think about ways you can exercise from home, so that it’s still possible. Here’s more if you need help sticking to your new year’s resolutions.

Plan your year ahead

Whether it’s daily, weekly or monthly, planning ahead will help you stay on top of the things you want to achieve. You can use the calendar on your phone to help you plan the things you need to do in your day, and set aside time to go over your plans every evening. Planning ahead doesn’t mean that things won’t change, and adjusting your plan as changes come is completely okay.

Get lost in a book

Maybe distracting yourself (in a healthy way) may be just what you need. Reading a good book can re-inspire you for the year ahead. Take a look at this article for books to make you feel inspired, Choma.

Focus on gratitude

Instead of focusing on all the things making you feel down, and all the things that aren’t going so well, it’d be a great idea to focus on the small things that you can be grateful for. What are some of the things that are actually going well for you right now? Are there some parts of school/work you can look forward to? Holding onto gratitude can be a great way to change your attitude to give you a healthier mindset.

Choma, January blues happen to the best of us, and while it might not be something we can always ignore completely, you can change your perspectives to turn challenges into opportunities. January is a new beginning and a new opportunity to work on new goals and dreams for yourself.

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