How to practise gratitude daily

If you spend a lot of time on social media or watching the news, you’re exposed to seeing a lot of negativity happening in the world, especially over the past few months. Understandably, this can make you feel disheartened and make you feel negative about the world too. Although the events that happen in the world, negative or positive, are a reality, it’s important for your own mental health that you also practise gratitude so that you can stay positive. Since today is #WorldGratitudeDay, here are simple ways you can practise gratitude daily:

Make a list 

Write down all the things you’re grateful for. This simple act will make you feel grateful immediately. Don’t be afraid to put down even the littlest of things – even if it’s clean air, sunshine, spring time or a good cup of tea. 

Accept Compliments  

Have you ever been given a compliment and them immediately said “no, that’s not me”? Next time, say “thank you” and really take the compliment to heart.  This will help you to learn to appreciate yourself, your talents and your actions.  

Send positive messages to people you love

Send a message of love and appreciation to the people or person you love. You can let them know why you appreciate them or simply say “I appreciate you. Thank you for being in my life”. Chances are, they may send you a message of appreciation back.

Look for the positive in a challenge

You’ll face challenges daily so it’s important that you can find the positive in them. For example, if you have a difficult assignment in school tell yourself “This may be difficult but I’m glad I have the knowledge to be able to complete it”. Challenges are things you face every day and yet you find a way to overcome them. Your ability to push through is definitely something to be grateful for.

We live in a world that keeps our minds on what’s going wrong instead of what’s going right. The things that I listed may sound small, but they could make a huge difference in the way you live your life. Take some time to notice the things that you might be taking for granted each day.

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