How To Stay Safe In The Festive Season

It’s the festive season and excitement is in the air. Everyone is getting ready to celebrate Christmas and the New Year. You’re allowed to have fun and do things that make you happy, but it’s your responsibility to always take safety precautions. Here are some tips on how you can stay safe during this festive season:

Stick to groups

Make sure you’re with a group of friends whenever you go out to the shopping mall, beach or a party. There is safety in numbers.

Download the Namola app

Namola is a free crime response app that was created for safety reasons. It helps you receive emergency, crime, accident, and medical help when you need it the most- at the click of a button.

It’s compatible with Android as well as iOS, so download this App on these links:

Google Playstore

Apple App store

Avoid secluded places                                   

Lonely and dark places can be dangerous. Avoid places like these so you don’t risk getting robbed and/or injured. Take an alternative route if there is one.

Don’t drink and drive

Alcohol is involved in 40% of all fatal car crashes in South Africa. Drinking and driving is a criminal offence, and you don’t only put your life at risk, but other road users as well.

When you are at a party or a get-together, make sure the designated driver does not drink alcohol so you can have a safe trip back home.

Always tell someone about your whereabouts

Let someone know where you’re going and the people you’ll be with. This will help them to know where to locate you should anything happen.

Be cautious and vigilant

Whatever you do this festive season, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings. Don’t be on your phone while you’re walking because you won’t be fully alert to what is happening around you- which can make you an easy target for criminals. Be vigilant when you’re out with friends and family by looking after your drinks and belongings to avoid consuming a drink that has been spiked or losing your valuables.

Remember to put your safety and those around you first whenever you go out. Don’t forget to wear your seat belt; seat belts save lives.

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