I Didn’t Get Varsity Acceptance: Now What?

Applying to your dream university and receiving a rejection letter can turn your world upside down. It can make you feel disappointed, stressed and as though your dreams are shattered. But don’t despair, you still have options.

Look for other Universities.

You may not have been accepted at your first-choice university but there are other institutions you can consider. Look at other universities that are still taking applications. You might find that you like your second choice better than your first.

Apply early to study the next year.

Make sure that you plan for the following year so that you avoid disappointment. You can apply while it’s still early for the upcoming year.

Look for TVET colleges that are still accepting applications.

 TVET colleges offer accredited courses that you can choose from, they can accept you no matter your results.

You can get a job.

As a new entrant in the job market, you need to be open-minded, flexible and willing to take on entry-level positions. Register your CV with as many employment agencies as possible. Usually, the agencies will have companies approaching them for temporary workers. Visit websites such as Careers24, Indeed and Pnet for opportunities.

Be careful of scams. Agencies usually get paid by the companies they recruit for. No legit agency will ask you to pay to get employment.

Rewrite the subjects you didn’t do so well in.

You may opt to rewrite some of the subjects early in the following year or repeat matric entirely to improve your results to stand a better chance of qualifying for admission.

Do a bridging course.

Some universities offer bridging courses to candidates who have marginally missed the qualifying criteria. Find out from the universities you are interested in if they offer bridging courses, you can also access this information in their prospectus.

Remember to not give up, you can still make it.

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