Is your relationship over?

Sometimes it can be difficult to accept the many signs and warnings that tell us that a relationship has come to an end. However, if a relationship is no longer working out for you then it’s perfectly okay to break up. Staying in a relationship that no longer feels right only causes pain for you and your partner. Here are signs that will tell you if it’s time to end things.

Your partner annoys you

It’s normal to find some things that your partner does a little bit irritating, but what’s not normal is being annoyed by everything they do – even the small things. Feeling like you can’t stand being around your partner and losing your patience with them is a sign that you need to call it quits. There’s no reason to drag things out and risk hurting one another when this happens.

There’s no respect

Every good relationship is built on respect and healthy boundaries. Your boundaries are based on your goals, values and beliefs, and if your partner constantly puts you under pressure and disrespects your boundaries, then there’s definitely a problem. Feeling like you always have to compromise your values and beliefs for your relationship is definitely a sign that you either need to have a serious conversation with your partner or walk away from the relationship completely.

There’s abuse

Emotional, physical or any other form of abuse is not okay in a relationship and should never be tolerated. Abuse has lasting effects on your self-esteem and mental health, which is why it’s really important to pick up red flags and leave an abusive relationship – even if the abuse only happened once. Read this if you need help leaving an abusive relationship.

There’s no trust

Trust is essential in any healthy relationship. It can be hard to trust your partner if they have betrayed your trust, for example, if they have cheated or lied before. A relationship without trust can be draining since you constantly have to question your partner and you can’t fully be open with them. This can also cause constant arguments and make the relationship unbearable. So, it might not be such a good idea to stay in a relationship once the trust has been broken.

Your partner ghosts you

If your partner disappears for days, weeks or even months on end without letting you know their whereabouts, then this is a definite sign that the relationship is over. Your partner should make an effort to be in your life and not leave you wondering if you are still in a relationship or not.

Ending a relationship is never an easy thing to do, especially if you still care deeply about someone. However, it’s important to put your happiness, health and wellbeing above anything else and if something no longer makes you happy, then it’s time to call it quits. There’s no need to wait until things get out of control before moving on with your life. Remember, there’s life after a break up and I’m always here to support you when you need it.

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