Life after matric QA

Lately, I’ve been receiving a lot of questions about life after matric. Here’re my advice on navigating this exciting and sometimes stressful time, Choma.  

Q1: I passed very well, but I didn’t apply.

The first thing is to ask yourself if you really want to study further. If you decide to study further, you may still have time. Some tertiary institutions do allow late applications in January or after matric results come out, and you can still apply.

Q2: I got accepted into tertiary, what can I expect?

Well done Choma! Depending on the institution you applied to, you may have the option to either study online or at the physical building. Be realistic with yourself about the advantages and disadvantages of both styles of learning and what would make more sense money-wise too. Here are my tips on handling tertiary school.

Q3: I failed my matric- what are my options?

Pick yourself up and try again. You can choose to go back to grade 12 full time, write a supplementary for the subjects you’ve failed, or upgrade your marks at a college. You still have time Choma, don’t ever feel like your time is up.

Q4: I don’t know if I should go to tertiary school or find a job.

This will depend on different factors such as your financial circumstances at home, if you’re mentally prepared to continue studying, or ready to enter the workplace. Having a mentor guiding you in life will help you in the long run. A mentor should be somebody who has knowledge and experience in the field you’re interested in. A mentor will help you grow as a person in understanding and decision-making. Remember to choose your mentor carefully.

Q5: I want to study further, but I’m still confused on what to study.

If you’re unsure about what career you should pursue, you can take a career quiz to determine if your personality is a match for your dream job. Take the quiz here. You can also check subjects you excelled at in school, and leverage off that by choosing a career in that space.

Q6: What does a gap year look like?

If your matric year was stressful and you feel like you need a break before committing to a job or tertiary studies, then a gap year could be best for you. It’s the perfect opportunity to explore what you really want to do with your future. During your gap year, you could travel, , work part-time, work abroad, volunteer at an NGO or organisation in your community, and so much more. The aim of a gap year is to help you get a clearer idea of your study and work paths, by discovering your passion and talents.

Q7: I’m facing financial problems, and I feel demotivated about everything.

Life after matric can be difficult if your family can’t afford to pay for your tertiary studies, and you don’t have other means of funding. In this case, you can consider finding a job to help you save up for tertiary school. Working after high school also allows you to refine your soft skills and learn the hard skills needed for your future career. You could also apply for a bursary.

Q8: Do you recommend upgrading or repeat matric?

Upgrading your marks or repeating matric can give you an opportunity to achieve a better pass level. This’ll give you a better chance of applying into a tertiary institution and receiving funding.

Life after matric can feel confusing and overwhelming; it’s normal to feel like that, because you’re jumping into a different phase of life. Always remember to find your breath and ask for guidance when you feel confused. Adulthood is complex- we don’t always get it right, but we learn along the way. If you have any other questions, leave them for me in the comments below.

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