Living With Diabetes: How To Take Care Of Yourself

Living healthily with diabetes is all about managing your blood sugar levels. Think of it like maintaining the perfect playlist on your favourite streaming service. We’re here to help you rock those tunes, not go all shuffle mode on your body. Here are some tips to help you embrace your youthful energy while effectively managing your diabetes:

Manage your stress.

  • Your blood sugar may increase under stress. You can try to manage your stress by doing something relaxing like deep breathing, gardening, walking, meditating, working on a hobby, or listening to your favourite music.
  • If you are going through a stressful time, you might feel better if you talk to a mental health professional or a loved one who will listen to your worries.

Eat well.

  • With the help of your healthcare team, create a diabetes meal plan.
  • Stick to a balanced and nutritious diet. Focus on complex carbohydrates, lean proteins, and healthy fats. Be mindful of portion sizes and manage your carbohydrate intake.
  • Drink water instead of juice and regular soda.

Be active.

  • Walk more. Start by walking from work, school or even to your local shops.
  • Work on building up your muscle strength. Try push-ups, yoga, active gardening (digging and planting with tools) or stretch exercises at least twice a week.
  • Use your diet plan and increase your level of physical activity to maintain or reach a healthy weight.

Have a daily routine.

  • Take your medication even when you feel well.
  • Check your feet daily for cuts, blisters, red spots, and swelling. Report any wounds that don’t heal to your healthcare provider.
  • Monitor your blood sugar levels.
  • Report any changes in your health.

Live Your Life Fully 🎉

Diabetes is a part of your story, but it doesn’t have to steal the show. You’re the main character, and life’s full of exciting experiences. So, embrace it, live it, and remember, you’re the hero in your own story.

Choma, although managing diabetes can be a lifelong process, you can live a healthy and meaningful life if you have the correct tools and methods. Diabetes is a serious condition but, it’s manageable. People with diabetes need to take their medication even when they feel well, stay active, and make healthy food choices. It might not be easy, but it’s worth it!

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