Lockdown Dos and Donts

The 21 day national lockdown is new to all of us. As you may know by now there’s very little movement that you can do outside your home and I understand that this can be frustrating after a while. That’s why I have created an easy guideline for you to follow so that you don’t find yourself on the other side of the law. Take a look below for things you can and can’t do during the lock down period.

Don’t: Leave your yard to take a walk

The whole idea of a lockdown is to limit physical interactions between people so that there are fewer chances of anyone spreading the COVID-19 virus. You want to avoid being around people (except those in your household) and stay indoors as much as possible, especially if you live in an overcrowded area.

Do: Find ways to exercise at home

There are so many ways to stay fit and healthy without going outside. You can find 5 minute exercises to do on Youtube, or create your own short routine. You could even start dancing to keep fit. Be creative.

Don’t: Meet up with your friends, even if it’s indoors

I know this is tempting, especially since all of you are home but trust me Choma, spending time with friend is not worth risking your health. People can be infected with COVID-19 and not show any symptoms for a while, so you really can’t tell that you or your friends are healthy just by looking for symptoms.

Do: Create a WhatsApp group chat 

You need to find creative ways to keep in touch with your friends and I think a group chat will really help. You can support each other, share jokes and keep each other informed on any new developments that come up.

Don’t: Visit your extended family during the 21 days

The whole idea of a lockdown is to keep people within their homes and towns, to avoid getting any new infections. This means it’s not a good idea to get out of town during this time. Also, there are travel restrictions, which means you might not get very far before law enforcement finds. It’s not worth the risk.

Do: Communicate with loved ones

If you miss your extended family, send them a heartfelt text message, or give them a call. You can stay in touch and let people know you care about them without seeing them physically.

Don’t: Go to the movies or shopping centres

Movie theatres and non-essential stores won’t be open during the lockdown, so it’s really not a good idea to try going to the mall to see if you can do some shopping. Only stores selling food and pharmacies are open at this time, and you can only go if it’s really necessary.

Do: Stay at home and watch your favourite

You can create movie dates at home with your family by gathering some snacks and sitting in front of the TV together. It’s a good bonding exercise and it’ll help get rid of the boredom.

Don’t: Ignore hygiene practices

The Department of Health has given numerous tips on hygiene and safe practices for South Africans. Make sure you follow these guidelines to avoid getting infected with COVID-19.

Do:  Wash your hands

Wash your hands regularly with soap or use a hand sanitiser with 60% alcohol or more. Cover your mouth and nose with the inside of your elbow when you cough or sneeze. If you use a tissue, make sure to throw it away immediately. If you feel unwell and experience symptoms like fever, tiredness, runny nose and dry, chesty cough, call this number 0800 029 999 (or WhatsApp 0600 123 456).

The 21 days lockdown may sound very restrictive, but in the end it will benefit all of us. It’s a temporary measure that we should all follow to make sure this virus doesn’t get out of control. For more info on the Coronavirus, visit sacoronavirus.co.za. Stay indoors and stay safe!

If you or a friend need advice or help, you can contact me here on Ask Choma, send me a Facebook Messagea Twitter DM, or a WhatsApp Message (071 172 3657).