Maintaining a longdistance relationship

Different couples have different challenges in their relationships. Those in long-distance relationships find that they have to work harder to make the relationship work. Are you also in a long-distance relationship, and wondering whether it will work or not? Here are tips for how to maintain your relationship.

Be clear about communication   

Healthy communication, especially in a long-distance relationship is important. Because of the distance and being busy, it’s common for you to communicate less than you normally would before you or your partner moved and that can be strenuous for the relationship.  

Rather than giving up on each other or making assumptions, find a way to clarify how many times you and your partner will communicate and stick to that as much as you can so there are no feelings of neglect.

Set some ground rules  

Setting ground rules is necessary for long-distance relationships because they help with managing each other’s expectations and also respecting each other’s boundaries.

Don’t cheat

Whether you’re in a long-distance relationship or not, cheating isn’t right – not only because it breaks trust in your relationship but also because it increases the risks of you and your partner getting infected with STIs, including HIV. Be honest with your partner if you want to see other people and if the long-distance relationship is not working out for you.

Make the most of it 

When distance is a factor in a relationship, it’s easy to assume the relationship will eventually come to an end, but it doesn’t have to get to that point, Choma. Sometimes, you have to see it as an opportunity to explore other things in life that you’ve always wanted to try out but never had the time to. For example, you can use the spare time to start a new hobby or reconnect with your friends. At the end of the day, it’s important to have a life outside of your relationship.

Long-distance relationships can be challenging but instead of letting it pull you and your partner apart, you can work on making you both grow stronger. After all, they say that distance makes the heart grow fonder.

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