More about how to disclose your pregnancy to your parents

Once you find out you are pregnant, you probably need to take a deep breath and process how much your life is about to change. Having a baby can be a huge deal and disclosing your pregnancy to your parents can be one of the scariest things you can ever do.

Here are some ways to help you navigate the conversation:

Pick the right time.

Choose a time and place which is more comfortable. This will give them time to react and talk about it. The sooner you tell them, the better, and the longer you wait to tell them, the harder it will be for you and for them.

Talk to a trusted friend/family member first.

If you are too scared of your parents, it is always a good idea to talk to someone you trust first, this way you can practice telling them and they can help you go to your parents.

Get your partner involved.

If you have this option, it is best if you both go to your parents and tell them together.
This way, they can feel better about it by seeing the two of you unified. Having someone with you can also help you to feel less nervous or anxious.

Be straightforward.

We can’t lie and say that it won’t be one of the most difficult things you’ve ever told them, but beating around the bush can make it even worse. The more you talk in circles, the more anxious your parents will become. Keep it simple and straightforward, “Mom, dad, I have something difficult to tell you, I know this isn’t what we’d planned, but I am pregnant”.

Expect Disappointment.

No parent wants to hear that their child is pregnant young and without the means to take care of a baby financially, physically, and emotionally.

Disappointment is a natural response, so don’t get angry or sad because of it. Your parents might take time to get over it but allow them to express how they feel. If they have ever responded in a violent or abusive way to bad news in the past, you probably don’t want to tell them the news alone, have another trusted adult present when you tell them.

Have a plan in place.
Having a plan of action can help a lot when telling your parents that you’re pregnant. This means that you are going to accept your responsibility, take care of the child, and go back to school. Laying out a plan of action will make you seem responsible, and this can put your parents at ease.

Remember Choma that you don’t have to go through pregnancy alone, there is support and people that love and care for you to ensure that you have the best pregnancy.

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