Myths about your breasts

Every girl’s breasts develop and grow differently. This is usually influenced by genetics, hormones and other environmental factors. As you grow, you’re likely to hear very interesting things about breasts,  most of which are strange myths that often affect girls’ self-esteem. Well, let me help you debunk these myths real quick.

Myth 1: Having lost of sex causes breasts to sag

Many factors influence the shape of breasts and very few of them include sexual activity. Your breasts’ elasticity and fullness depends on a ligament that lifts and supports them. So with age, weight gain or loss, and of course genetics, your boobs can sag or look lopsided. But none of these reasons mean that there is anything wrong with your breasts. There’s no such thing as the perfect breasts. 

Myth 2: When have pointy nipples it means your sexually aroused

This myth usually makes girls feel uncomfortable with their breasts and their sexuality. While sexual arousal can cause your nipples to be stiff and pointy, so does the weather, the clothes you have on and breastfeeding. Sometimes it simply means your nipples naturally develop that way. 

Myth 3: Breasts stay the same size throughout

You can expect your breast size to change as you grow. Breasts size may change as you gain and lose weight, as well as during the course of the month because of hormonal changes. This also means that your bra size will change over time.

Myth 4: Breast feeding causes your breast to sag

Most women (girls) decide against breast feeding because they fear sagging breasts, but ,as I had explained earlier, age usually causes sagging breasts. Don’t let your decision to breast feed your child to be based on this myth. Rather visit your healthcare practitioner to learn more about breastfeeding options.

Myth 5: Breast cancer is genetic

Although this isn’t really a myth, It’s possible to develop breast cancer even when there isn’t a history in your family. This means that genetics plays a small role in breast cancer. Have regular breast self-examinations, especially during the first week of our period, and check-up with your medical practitioner will help you keep track of changes in your breasts and any health concerns.

Breasts form an important part of a woman and girl’s life. The more information you have regrading your breasts, the more you’ll understand about them. Remember that breasts come in different shapes and sizes, so embrace your two sets, they’re just as normal as the next girl.

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