Online Platforms to Boost Your Reading

The best part about reading Choma, is learning – whether it’s learning about the past, possibilities in the world, current affairs or about yourself and your relationships with others. Reading is not all about having a physical book in your hand and certainly not just about made-up stories. So if you want to boost your reading in an educational, informative and inspiring way, here are a few resources that will give a good daily dose of knowledge and motivation.  


If you ever want to read up about your health, Hi4life is an amazing source Choma. It covers a wide range of health topics that’s actually categorised for different groups of people, from moms and dads to elders and teens. Hi4Life talks about HIV, cancer, pregnancy, weightloss and much more. If you need a place where  seek health tips, give Hi4Life a visit. 


As the website says, Health4women is a space about health for women who love women. It’s an extremely honest site about women’s health and women’s sexuality. Health4Women explores just about every topic about women’s health and bodies, which you would appreciate if you’re trying to learn more about your body – down to the most intimate detail – and if you’re exploring your sexual identity. However, just because it says “health for women who love women”, doesn’t mean you won’t get any value out of it if you are a heterosexual (straight) woman. Health4Women is actually a great website for all women and also a great website for women to learn more about homosexuality, bisexuality and the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender/Transexual) community in general.  


Do you want health at your fingertips Choma? Then B-Wise is the website for you. You can read all about your health and your body. B-Wise explores all sorts of physical and mental heath topics. From cancer and ADHD (Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder) to puberty and dealing with bullying. B-Wise even has a section called Rights and Responsibilities that focuses on giving you information about your rights and also how you can contribute to a better society Choma. So whether you’re going through something, need more information for your studies or just want to read and learn more, give B-Wise a visit.  


As you already know Choma, Choma is a space filled with endless reading material. I cover every topic here and even give you a chance to tell me what you want me to talk about via Share Your Story. The aim of the Choma website is to give you advice and information for every part of your life, especially if you’re a young woman. Love and relationships, sex and pregnancy, fashion and beauty and health and inspiration are all things you can read about here. So if you’re looking to up your reading while also getting daily information that will empower you Choma, just keep clicking through the Choma website. It’s updated regularly with new articles so you won’t run out of anything to read.  


If you do just want to read fiction for free Choma, then there are a few websites that upload stories you can read online. One of these website is called Fundza. Fundza is great because they share short stories by every day people so you can look forward to stories that are a bit more relatable and probably a bit more interesting. It’s a great way to catch up on your reading without having to go out and buy books link to article about 4 books you need to read), especially because Fundza has a whole free online library with free ebooks  . You can also improve your reading and writing with certain courses. Fundza also has poetry, and interviews with authors. The best part is, you can also send in your own short stories and poems. If you want to get started with some of their stories, here’s the link.  

Reading is an important part of everyone’s life Choma. It’s one of the best sources to get your inspiration, knowledge and even support. Having a fictional book in your hand is not the only way to read Choma. Reading news articles, inspirational stories and educational blogs are also part of reading so put your phone and data to good use whenever you can and learn something new while getting a dose of your daily reading.  

What are some of your favorite sources for reading online Choma? Tell me in the comments below.  

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