Pregnancy it is not a train smash

Sometimes life hands us lemons. Guess what you have to do? Make lemonade!

Falling pregnant when you have not planned it is not easy at all – regardless of your age or situation in life. But it is particularly difficult whilst you are still at school.

First thing you need to do is to tell an authority figure in your life. Note I did not say mother or father. It should be an authority figure you know you can trust with very personal information. It could be your favourite school teacher, it could be a crazy aunt, or even your friendly neighbor. Whoever it is – someone older than you are needs to know that you are pregnant.

From there, you can then decide on whether you are keeping the baby or not. If you are keeping the baby how and when you are going to tell your parents or caregivers that you are pregnant.

I find that the young ladies that get in touch with me after finding out that they are pregnant are usually very angry with the person that has impregnated them. You need to understand that as much as the news is shocking to you… it will also be shocking to your sexual partner. I always advise the young ladies to focus on what they can control – their own lives and circumstances. I know that it is difficult but you need to sort out your life first, and then thereafter deal with your partner.

There is also a great deal of shame that is felt when one is in this situation. Do not allow anyone to shame you into leaving school or becoming a recluse. Mistakes happen and you will get through this. Continue going to classes for as long as you can.

There is a life that has to continue after baby is born. If people make fun of you – so what! There is always something that people are laughing at – be it the zit on your nose or your new hairstyle! Be tough! Hold your head up high! Look after your health and that of your baby and remember that everything is going to be just fine!