Pregnancy the second trimester

The second trimester starts in week 13 and ends in week 27. 

What can I expect during the second trimester?

Your body is definitely starting to change shape and you may have a baby bump. You may also stop experiencing nausea and vomiting – which is a good thing. 

Does everyone get stretch marks?

Not everyone gets stretch marks but if you do develop them try not to stress too much. They come about as a result of the natural stretching of the skin. Make sure that you keep your skin very well moisturized. Stretch marks do disappear over time but not completely. 

Why is the skin around my breasts and belly itching?

This is quite common and is due to the stretching of your skin as your body changes shape. It is also partly due to the hormonal changes that are happening. Again keep your skin moisturized. 

My nose is growing bigger!

Some women’s noses widen during pregnancy but rest assured the nose goes back to its original size after baby is born! 

Why am I so grumpy and emotional?

Blame it on the pregnancy hormones! Most people are understanding of all the changes that a pregnant woman is undergoing and are therefore quite forgiving. After my son was born, I went back and apologized to a few people that I had been particularly mean to when I was pregnant! 

Is it good to start shopping for baby items now?

The best thing to do is to discuss this with your family. Some people have no issues buying baby items way before baby is born. I used to stock up on diapers whenever there was a special or a sale. This is definitely the biggest expense so if you can start buying early do so. 

Can I still exercise? Have sex?

You will find that your sex drive is higher during this trimester. It is safe to engage unless your doctor tells you otherwise. Exercise is good as long as you can accommodate your baby bump comfortably and stay away from vigorous activity. 

Sleeping is getting increasingly uncomfortable

Yes. This is to be expected. Try and find a position that works for you. Some women find it easier to lie on their sides whilst others prefer a semi-upright position. One thing for sure is that lying flat on your back is not comfortable so do avoid that. If you can, do invest in a pregnancy pillow which you can use for breastfeeding later on.