Pressure in a relationship

Pressure in a relationship comes in different forms. Some people can easily spot it, while others may have a hard time recognising it. Feeling negative pressure in a relationship can be stressful and overwhelming. Here’s how to spot pressure in a relationship. 

Your partner makes you feel guilty

When you’re not ready to take the relationship to the next step (like having sex) while your partner is, they might put pressure on you to have sex with them and make you feel bad for saying no. Your partner should never rush you into having sex when you’re not ready. If they care about you, they should respect your choices – even if those choices are not suitable for them. 

Your partner makes you choose

If your partner has ever put you in a situation where you had to choose between them and someone or something else that matters to you, that is a form of negative pressure. For example, your partner shouldn’t ask you to choose between spending time with them or studying because being in a relationship shouldn’t affect other aspects of your life. In a healthy relationship your partner wants what’s best for you and won’t make you feel bad for choosing to uplift yourself or make yourself happy. 

Your partner tries tricking you into be a parent

If you and your partner are not on the same page regarding having a baby, they might try reproductive coercion, which is something that happens when your partner tries different methods to trick you into having a baby. It can go from them removing the condom without your consent or lying about being on birth control. 

As a young person, you will face a lot of pressure and challenges along your journey to adulthood.  It’s important though, to surround yourself with people who positively influence you, especially romantic partners. Everybody deserves to experience a meaningful and healthy relationship, including you, Choma! 

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