Sexuality Myths, Debunked

Depending on what you grew up being taught (or not being taught), things you see on TV or stories you read, you might have a lot of thoughts and assumptions about sex and sexuality. These things all have an influence on our idea of what sex is and what it means, but that doesn’t really mean it’s all true Choma. There are a lot of myths out there, and I think it’s time to bust just a few of them!

Myth: Women who are sexually active are dirty or “impure”

Fact: Not true. Choma, this myth is a dangerous one to believe and here’s why- Usually, boys are celebrated for having sex with girls, but those same girls are shamed for having sex too. This creates a culture where girls are too ashamed to make choices they want to make about their own bodies. Choosing to have sex doesn’t make you dirty as a woman, and you should never let anyone make you believe this. Always remember: your body, your choice!

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Myth: Men only want sex from women

Fact: This isn’t only a myth, but it’s also a gender stereotype that isn’t always true Chomas. It’s easy to make assumptions about what guys want, but getting to know a person will tell you the real truth about them. Sure, you might come across someone who only wants to “hook up” with you, but that’s why communication is so important. Remember that you don’t have to compromise on how you want to be treated for anyone, so here are a few Signs your partner only wants sex.

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Myth: Women who carry condoms sleep around too much

Fact: Women who carry their own condoms are prepared, confident and want to be in control of their sexual health. You don’t even have to be sexually active to carry condoms in your bag or your purse; having them “just in case” is never a bad thing. It’s always better to be prepared and to play it safe than to risk your health and potential to be infected by HIV and other STIs, including unplanned pregnancy due to not having a condom Here’s an article if you want to read about other popular condom myths.

Choma, when it comes to sex, it’s easy to believe what people may say, but it’s always important to do the research for yourself so you can make informed choices about whatever steps you want to take. Always remember that it’s better to do things at your own pace, when you’re 100% comfortable and ready.

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