Signs that you could have an unhealthy period

Every girl’s different and so are period cycles. So it’s okay if your period seems different from your peers or family members. Your period symptoms shouldn’t change drastically from month to month or feel unbearable. Here are a few signs that could indicate an unhealthy period.

Your flow is heavier than usual

I’m sure you know your period cycle really well by now. A heavy flow is okay, but if you’re going through more than one period product within an hour or bleeding for more than seven days – you might need to see a doctor.

A heavier blood flow than usual could be a symptom of a sexual reproductive problem, so the sooner you go to your nearest health clinic, the better.

Unusually painful period cramps

Painful cramps during your period are usually nothing to worry about. In fact, most girls experience pain and discomfort when it’s that time of the month. However, your pain should not be so bad that you have to miss school. Over the counter pain medication should help ease the pain, but if this fails, you may need to get medical attention.

Irregular bleeding

While each girl’s period is different, you should expect to go on your period every month. Contraceptives can cause spotting or even bleeding between cycles, which is generally normal, but if this causes any discomfort during your period, speak to your doctor about changing to a contraceptive method that’s better for your body.

If you’re spotting or missing your period and you’re sure that you’re not pregnant, don’t be afraid to explain your symptoms to your healthcare practitioner.

You’ve noticed large blood clots

Every now and then you may experience small blood clots when you’re on your period. These are usually harmless and can be seen during your heavier days, but large blood clots are usually a sign of something serious. So, if you notice large blood clots, please go to your nearest health clinic for help.

Remember that your body’s unique and only you know it best. So if you notice sudden and unusual period symptoms from what you’re used to, quickly go to your nearest health clinic and explain your symptoms so that you can get medical attention.

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