South African dishes to try this Heritage month

No matter where you are in our beautiful country, you will be met with a rich variety of traditional meals that date back to the very start of South Africa’s history. Here’s some local dishes to try this Heritage month,

Limpopo: Mopane Worms

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Matomani, masonja, mashonzha, amasonja or mopane worms are a delicacy in Limpopo. They can be bought at most markets around Limpopo or at roadside stalls. Here’s how to make it

North-West: Morogo

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Morogo or moroho, also known as African spinach/wild spinach is the most popular dish in the North-West. It’s delicious when boiled, softened, and served with stiff porridge. It’s a delicacy dish in the North-West. Here’s how to make it.

Free-State: Mala le Maotwana


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Mala (chicken intestines) and maotwana (chicken feet) make an amazing combo paired with pap. This dish is most popular in the Free-State.  Here’s how to make it.

Gauteng: Kota

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Kota is made from a hollowed-out quarter loaf of bread and filled with a variety of ingredients, often potato chips, sausage, egg, beef patty, cheese, polony and atchar. It’s an all-time fav for the people in Gauteng.  Here’s how to make your own Kota.

KwaZulu Natal: Bunny Chow

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An ever-growing favourite, bunny chow comprises a spicy curry which is placed inside the hollowed-out centre of a loaf of bread. Here’s how to make your own.

KwaZulu Natal: Skop/INhloko

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This is a head of a cow, sheep, or goat. It tastes good when boiled and allowed to simmer. This dish is a fav to many people, especially Zulu men. Here is a full recipe.

Mpumalanga: Cow heels

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This delicacy is popular in Mpumalanga. Its’ slow-cooked until soft and enjoyed with various sides including samp, beans and pap. Here’s the full recipe.

Northern Cape: Roosterkoek

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This is a delicacy in the Northern Cape. Bread dough is moulded into thick square-like shapes and cooked over an open fire to make these perfect braai snacks. Here’s a full recipe.

Eastern Cape: Umngqusho

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Samp is paired with beans to make a warm and filling side dish to meaty stews. This is a staple meal for the people in the Eastern Cape. Here is a full recipe.

Western Cape: Gasby  

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This is a submarine sandwich consisting of a bread roll filled with chips, a choice of fillings and sauces. It originated in Cape Town and is popular throughout the Western Cape province. Here’s how to make it.

We live in a diverse country with plenty of cuisine cultures. No matter how you celebrate Heritage Day, make sure you enjoy it with friends and family, and remember how lucky we are to come from such an incredible country with so many friendly cultures. What dish are you going to try this Heritage month?

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