Summer style Dos and Don’ts

You know it’s summer holidays when every second gal is wearing denim shorts and bikini tops pass as clothing. Now we love summer fashion as much as the next choma but it’s no excuse for fashion rules to go out the window. Here’s how to embrace the trends and still be fierce.

DO find a bikini that feels comfortable and flatters your body shape.

DON’T wear said bikini in the mall or the city without a classy cover-up. You are not Lady Gaga.

DO show off your legs in cute denim shorts.

DON’T show off your butt in cute denim shorts. Not even Victoria Secret angels look good with their bums hanging out of their shorts. Find a pair that covers those cheeks and doesn’t ride up high on your crotch. Sies.

DO rock a cute crop top.

DON’T let your belly rolls get the best of you. We all (well most of us) have them. Wear a maxi skirt up high above your waist and hide your belly if you’re not comfortable showing it off to the world.

DO let your toes feel the sunshine in sandals.

DON’T be embarrassed by your toes. Give yourself a pedicure at home and add some colour to those toe nails.

DO accessorise with stacked bangles, lots of rings and colourful stones and beads.

DON’T spend a fortune on accessories. Make your own, visit Mr Price or markets and get creative. Mismatched items are bang on trend.

DO paint your nails. Go for neon, bold colours and easy-to-do nail art.

DON’T rock chipped and peeling nails. Rather go clean and simple than old and skanky.

DO experiment with head scarves, headbands and hats.

DON’T go for a high maintenance hair-do. You don’t want to spend all day on your ‘do’ while your friends are at the beach or the park.

DO stay cool in vests that you can mix and match.

DON’T freeze in the breeze. Add a cute Kimono shrug when the sun goes down.

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What are your best summer fashion tips chomas?