5 Reasons female condoms need more attention

When you hear the word “condom” what immediately comes to mind? Probably the male condom right chomas? But what about the female condom? You may have heard about it, but not enough times for it to stay in your mind – not even when it comes to using it during sex. Even though you don’t hear about them often, there are quite a few benefits to using a female condom, also known as “femidom” or the “internal condom”.  So here are reasons that we should give female condoms more attention starting now:

1. They’re Sexy

This may be hard to believe, especially for those who have seen what the female condom looks like. But, don’t let the appearance put you off. A lot of people who have tried the female condom (and used it properly) have said that it felt even better than the male condom. While there are mixed reviews about them, the lack of awareness and just not knowing how to use them is often what makes people uncomfortable. Choosing to use this condom with your partner can actually be fun and sensual. These condoms are thin and soft so they are good at transferring heat while the inner and outer rings can actually increase pleasure for both partners.

2. They’re non-latex

Allergic to latex? No problem. The female condom is not made with latex so it’s a perfect alternative for anyone who is allergic to condoms (so you know what to use when your partner says they can’t use the male condom because of an allergic reaction). They’re actually made of a thin, soft plastic called polyurethane. Since the female condom is latex-free, you can use an oil or water based lube with the condom during sex.

3. It might feel better for your guy

Some guys often complain that the male condom is a bit tight and therefore decreases pleasure. Well, when it comes to the female condom that shouldn’t be a problem. The condom lines the vagina a little loosely so it doesn’t restrict the penis. It would also be good for guys who claim they are too ‘big’ for male condoms.

4. It can be inserted long before sex

The female condom can be inserted up to 8 hours before sex, which is great for making sure that you’ve got protection in the heat of the moment. The good thing about being able to put it on ahead of time is that you don’t have to pause to put a condom on so you can go straight from foreplay to stress-free safe sex!

5. They’re empowering

The female condom puts the power in your hands. Now you don’t have to accept any more excuses from anyone because the female condom allows you to be in control of your own pleasure and protection. So simply go to your local clinic and ask one of the nurses or staff for a female condom. Go with your friends if it will make you feel less shy. While you’re there, you can ask one of the nurses to explain how it works. There are also plenty of tutorials online that demonstrate how a female condom is inserted. Just make sure that you insert the condom properly and that the outer ring remains over the vagina to prevent the penis from slipping in on the side of the condom and to makes sure that you’re protected from contracting STIs through skin-on-skin contact. If you have questions or an opinion on the female condom, let me know in the comment section.