The disturbing truth about dry sex

Choma, there is a seriously disturbing trend going on called “dry sex”, that involves girls and women purposely drying out their vaginas. Here’s what you need to know about this damaging practice.

What is dry sex?

Not to be confused with “dry humping”, dry sex means “having sexual intercourse without vaginal lubrication”. Before and during sex, the vagina naturally produces lubrication- this is known as being “wet”. However, during dry sex this natural lubricant is removed on purpose.

The dangers of dry sex

Girls use herbs, household detergents, bleach, antiseptics, leaves and other dangerous substances in order to dry out their vaginas. This is a big no-no Choma, and you can read more about vaginal health here.

Aside from the damage that putting any substance near the vagina can cause, dry sex also puts you at a higher risk of contracting HIV. Dry sex is linked to the high incidence of HIV/AIDS infection locally and across Africa in recent years. The risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections (STIs) is also higher during dry sex for both partners.

This happens because the increased friction can cause small lacerations (cuts) in the vagina and on the penis, which lead to easier transmission of infections. Drying the vagina also removes a natural antiseptic which combats STIs. Furthermore, dry sex increases the risk of the condom breaking because of the increased friction – so this can lead to unwanted pregnancy as well.

Why do people do it?

As you can imagine, dry sex can be incredibly painful for women as well as men – so why do people still do it?

The first reason is that vaginal tightness is seen as creating enhanced pleasure during sex for the guy. This is untrue and also damaging to female partners, who put themselves through physical pain (and potential long-term health problems) for the sake of “pleasing their man”. Remember Choma, sex should be enjoyable for both partners, not just one or the other.

The second reason is that some guys insist on dry sex because they believe “wet” women to be impure or promiscuous. Not only is this 100% NOT true, but it is also a form of slut-shaming. You should not feel embarrassed or believe this lie – being “wet” is something the female body naturally does.

Now that you know the facts about it, I hope that you do not try this dangerous, painful trend. Also, always remember to use either a male or female condom, and never use harmful products or substances on the vagina.

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