The top 5 habits of a confident guy

Confidence is a good trait to have- it’s something that everybody needs, regardless of your gender and age. It helps us to be bold and to step out of our comfort zones. Confidence has a lot of definitions Choma but let’s be honest, we can all spot a confident guy from a distance. These are the top five habits of a confident guy.

Does not compare himself to others 

When you constantly compare yourself to other people, you are bound to tell yourself negative things about how you are not good enough, and that isn’t good for your self-confidence. A confident guy knows that the only person he should be comparing himself to is the version of the man that he wants to become and he works towards that.

Good hygiene and appearance

Even if he doesn’t look like Maps Maponyane, a confident guy knows that when he looks good, he will feel good- so, he will invest enough time to present himself well. A guy who takes his personal grooming seriously deserves a thumbs up.

Values honesty 

Being confident gives you the ability to express yourself honestly and it helps you resist the urge to hide who you truly are. Therefore, confident guys are honest with others and most importantly, themselves.

Kind and well-mannered

A kind and well-mannered guy is very attractive and it shows that he is comfortable in his masculinity and he doesn’t need to be mean in order to be noticed. Being well mannered also means knowing how to treat women with respect, not trying to harass women and understanding consent.

Being kind as a man is often regarded as a weakness but trust me, Choma, that isn’t true.

Insecure guys often try to mask their insecurity by being mean and that isn’t how a confident guy carries himself.

Stepping out of comfort zones

Stepping outside of your comfort zone involves change, and a lot of people aren’t comfortable with that. A confident guy is not afraid to take on challenges that are hard because they make him sharper, stronger, better and more focused.

There are many other habits of a confident guy. Do any of these habits remind you of someone Choma? What are the other habits of a confident guy that you would like to share with me? Leave your comments below.

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