Tips: How To Deal With Postpartum Challenges

The postpartum period can be a joyous time for many mothers but it’s also a period of adjustments and healing. Being a new mom comes with a variety of experiences which include fluctuating emotions, adaptation to changes, bonding with your baby and many other challenges. Some of them include:

Mental health issues after the birth a.k.a postpartum blues.

Some women find their mood doesn’t lift after the birth and they become anxious or depressed. This is what is called postpartum depression where the mother experiences emotional highs and lows, frequently cries, is fatigued, has guilt, and anxiety and may have trouble caring for their baby. This is a time when she needs all the support she can get.

Trouble with feeding the baby.

Most women complain that they do not produce enough milk to feed the baby and thus feel that the baby is not getting enough nutrients and not getting full. This can lead to a lot of frustration and feelings of inadequacy as a mother since most mothers want to be able to breastfeed their babies.

Sleep deprivation

During this time, new moms may not get enough sleep, the baby may stay up at night, affecting the new mom.

The pressure to snap back to the previous body.

Some women feel insecure in their new post-birth body. This can be due to birthing injuries or scars, or weight that didn’t quickly disappear after having their baby. This leaves the mother feeling down and depressed.

Relationship adaptations

Other women feeling anxious over not meeting their partner’s sexual needs after giving birth. They may not yet feel ready to have sex again. This is a time where they are regularly prioritizing their baby and their partner may feel neglected.

What you can do as a new mom

You don’t have to pressure yourself into getting back to shape immediately after having a baby as this is a time to focus on you and your baby. Applying a healthy diet can help you feel healthy and strong. Make sure to sleep when your baby sleeps, even during the day, this will help you be well rested.

Remember that everyone needs help from time to time and it’s okay to not feel okay. If you find it hard to manage and take care of your baby, reach out to friends and family who can lend a hand in helping you take care of you and your baby. Also consider joining online groups for new moms to share with other moms going through similar experiences.

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