Was it the real deal or holiday fling Heres how to tell

A holiday fling is a casual relationship between two people with no commitment. Sometimes, your holiday fling can turn into a long-term relationship, but often this isn’t the case. Unfortunately, if you weren’t aware of the other person’s intentions, you might be left heartbroken if your new romance fizzles out in the new season. Here is how to know if it’s the real deal.

Planning for the future

If they’ve actually made plans to see you after the holiday, then they’re likely interested in seeing you and building something beyond the holiday season. This shows that they’re keen on working on a real relationship.

You have a lot in common

If your goals and needs in a relationship are in sync, then it’s definitely a good sign. Communicating about your expectations, needs, wants and boundaries shows that they’re interested in doing more than just having fun with you over the holiday.

They give off the same level of energy

Another way to know if it’s the real deal is to see whether the other person puts as much effort into your relationship as you do. Casual summer romances tend to be all about physical attraction, and can fizzle out once the summer ends. If you’ve developed a connection, shared personal details, and show that you care for each other, then chances are it’s the real deal.

If you’re getting mixed signals from your partner, then don’t be afraid to ask for clarity. If they fail to give you a clear response, then it may be a good to give them space and go your own way. This might be difficult if you have serious feelings for the person, but it’s important to know your worth and walk away when you’re not being treated right. If they choose to ignore you, remind yourself that you deserve to be with someone who considers your feelings and  communicates their intentions with you.

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