What Does a Good Relationship Look Like?

Choma I’ve spoken a lot about how to recognise unhealthy relationships, toxic relationships and abusive relationships. So you might have a good idea of what an unhealthy relationship looks like but what does it look like when the relationship is good and healthy? Here are a few signs that you are in a good space with your partner:

You’re not afraid to speak your mind

Are you completely comfortable saying what you want to say – as in, expressing your thoughts and feelings – to your partner? This obviously means that you’re not afraid of saying what you think. In an unhealthy relationship you might be afraid of saying what’s on your mind because you’re always afraid of what your partner might think or how they would react. The best kind of relationships are where two people are allowed to express themselves honestly and freely without feeling like topics are off-limits. If you feel heard in your relationship and feel like you and your partner can communicate with each other about anything, then this is a very good sign Choma.

You like yourself around them

Does being around your partner still make you feel good and comfortable with yourself? Do you feel like you like yourself when you’re around your partner? This is always good Choma because it means that you don’t feel like you have to change yourself to suit your partner and also means that you’re around someone who doesn’t make you feel bad about yourself. No one is perfect and in a healthy relationship both people understand this. You accept each other for who you are right now and don’t try to change each other. This doesn’t mean that being in a healthy relationship means accepting someone’s unhealthy habits. If the way someone behaves makes you uncomfortable or the way you behave makes someone uncomfortable, then your relationship might be unhealthy.

You trust each other

Any healthy relationship involves trust on all levels. Trust in a relationship doesn’t just mean trusting your partner not to cheat. It means that you trust them to not hurt you intentionally. Meaning that they will keep the things you don’t want anyone to know just between the two of you. They will not put you in danger. They will respect your boundaries and your feelings and they will be open and honest with you.

You feel balanced

All relationships have their ups and downs Choma. Just because you and your partner have disagreements, it doesn’t mean that your relationship is unhealthy. In fact, disagreements here and there can actually be healthy because it means that you and your partner are not holding back or avoiding issues. However, there always has to be a balance. In a healthy relationship disagreements are sorted out quickly and maturely. You don’t punish each other but instead speak to each other and apologise every time you need to. A good relationship isn’t filled with drama and a good partner doesn’t make you feel like you’re going ‘crazy’ all the time. You balance each other out and treat each other as equals.

You feel safe

A good relationship makes you feel safe. You don’t feel anxious or afraid when you’re with your partner. You don’t feel like you have to worry about a whole lot of outside factors when you’re with them. You can relax, no matter where you are, when you’re with your partner.

In any good relationship two people respect each other, admire each other’s qualities, encourage each other and are kind to each other. Healthy relationships are fulfilling relationships Choma and they are the types of relationships we should all strive to have.

Are you in a good relationship Choma or are you still wondering if your relationship is healthy or not? You can let me know in the comments.

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